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Battlefield Ukraine

Battlefield Ukraine
Author: James Rosone, Miranda Watson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1977646174
Pages: 512
Year: 2017-09-26
View: 1002
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Resources, money, miscommunication...these are the things that start wars. "Battlefield Ukraine" explores a potential war between NATO and Russia over the fate of separatist regions in east Ukraine. While President Petrov draws his line in the sand, a new American administration is sworn in. The Russians launch a massive disinformation campaign to taint the US election and distract America as they begin to move their forces to the Ukrainian border. When Russia implements a no-fly zone over eastern Ukraine to prevent the US-backed Ukrainian government from putting down a civil war, things begin to escalate out of control. American and NATO aircraft attempt to call Petrov's bluff and fly over the no-fly zone, but they are ambushed by an overwhelming show of force. In response to this aggression, the US sends additional military units to Europe. President Petrov issues an ultimatum--the US and NATO must withdraw from Ukraine or be forcibly removed. Will the new American President back down, or will the world creep one step closer towards war? Find out in this first book of the new Red Storm Series.

Battlefield Korea

Battlefield Korea
Author: James Rosone, Miranda Watson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1981753370
Pages: 564
Year: 2017-12-14
View: 1208
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Book Two of the Red Storm Series picks up in the middle of the brewing global conflict, as the Chinese look to capitalize on the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian civil war. The speed and surprise of the Russian attack has thrown the NATO alliance into chaos as their expeditionary force is mauled near Kiev and eventually surrounded. With the overwhelming barrage of false headlines circulating the internet, the war in Ukraine seems all but lost. The world's attention shifts when China unveils its new Supercarrier, the Mao Zedong, built while hiding in plain sight. With three aircraft carriers, and a decade of modernizing their army, China looks to assert itself as the dominant superpower in Asia by annexing the nations that were created following the end of the Chinese communist revolution and World War II. To ensure the successful transition of their newly acquired territories, the Chinese begin to provide the North Korean regime with additional fuel, hard currency, and weapons in preparation for a unification of the Korean Peninsula. If the Chinese plan is effective, then the US will be heavily committed in Europe and North Korea before they begin their own conquest. With the successful test of multiple ICBMs and a hydrogen bomb, the North Korean leader feels not just emboldened, but untouchable. As the North prepares to kick off a Second Korean War, the new American administration finds itself grappling with an unfolding military and political disaster in multiple theaters. With US Forces stretched beyond their breaking point, can the US still honor its treaty obligations in Asia? Or will the US have to concede the new reality of Greater China and a unified, nuclear-armed Korean peninsula? Find out in this gripping sequel of the Red Storm Series, Battlefield Korea

Traitors Within

Traitors Within
Author: James Rosone, Miranda Watson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 197380123X
Pages: 364
Year: 2017-07-22
View: 795
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"Traitors Within" is a nerve-wracking thriller, telling the story of a man charged with the enormous responsibility of stopping terrorists from attacking the American Homeland. Agent Michael Stone is a former Delta Force operator turned CIA spy. After spending more than a decade hunting extremists across the Middle East, he was promoted to a desk job at the National Counter Terrorism Center, where he thought he would be stifled by mountains of paperwork. However, his team uncovers a known terrorist among the previously approved refugees, and as he begins to dig deeper, he discovers that this one individual was not an anomaly. Before he can determine which refugees are a part of the larger terrorist network and which ones are just innocently trying to begin new lives in America, tragedy strikes. On a calm Valentine's Day morning, ISIS team members launch a series of debilitating attacks in one of the United States' major cities, killing thousands of people and sowing seeds of fear and chaos. No one is certain who they can trust. The puppet master behind these attacks is a sinister group of men that plot acts of terrorism and political upheaval in order to reap a tremendous economic profit. Money has allowed them to increase their global influence and to buy loyalty, when needed. They have done a good job covering their tracks thus far, but will they meet their match in Agent Michael Stone? As he begins to unwind this web of secrets that spans multiple countries, will he be able to prevent further acts of terrorism in the United States? Or is it already too late?

Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising
Author: Tom Clancy
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 042510107X
Pages: 725
Year: 1987
View: 1102
Read: 634

When Moslem fundamentalists destroy a key Soviet oil complex, the Russians initiate a plan of diplomatic trickery for their seizure of Persian Gulf oil

War with Russia

War with Russia
Author: Richard Shirreff
Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 1681441373
Pages: 448
Year: 2016-09-27
View: 258
Read: 424

The rapid rise in Russia's power over the course of the last ten years has been matched by a stunning lack of international diplomacy on the part of its president, Vladimir Putin. One consequence of this, when combined with Europe's rapidly shifting geopolitics, is that the West is on a possible path toward nuclear war. Former deputy commander of NATO General Sir Richard Shirreff speaks out about this very real peril in this call to arms, a novel that is a barely disguised version of the truth. In chilling prose, it warns allied powers and the world at large that we risk catastrophic nuclear conflict if we fail to contain Russia's increasingly hostile actions. In a detailed plotline that draws upon Shirreff's years of experience in tactical military strategy, Shirreff lays out the most probable course of action Russia will take to expand its influence, predicting that it will begin with an invasion of the Baltic states. And with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump recently declaring that he might not come to the aid of these NATO member nations were he to become president, the threat of an all-consuming global conflict is clearer than ever. This critical, chilling fictional look at our current geopolitical landscape, written by a top NATO commander, is both timely and necessary-a must-read for any fan of realistic military thrillers as well as all concerned citizens.

The Red Line

The Red Line
Author: Walt Gragg
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698409841
Pages: 528
Year: 2017-05-02
View: 254
Read: 594

WWIII explodes in this electrifying debut military thriller in the tradition of Red Storm Rising and The Third World War. “Delta-Two, I’ve got tanks through the wire! They’re everywhere!” World War III explodes in seconds when a resurgent Russian Empire launches a deadly armored thrust into the heart of Germany. With a powerful blizzard providing cover, Russian tanks thunder down the autobahns while undercover Spetsnaz teams strike at vulnerable command points. Standing against them are the woefully undermanned American forces. What they lack in numbers they make up for in superior weapons and training. But before the sun rises they are on the run across a smoking battlefield crowded with corpses. Any slim hope for victory rests with one unlikely hero. Army Staff Sergeant George O'Neill, a communications specialist, may be able to reestablish links that have been severed by hostile forces, but that will take time. While he works, it’s up to hundreds of individual American soldiers to hold back the enemy flood. There’s one thing that’s certain. The thin line between victory and defeat is also the red line between life and death. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire
Author: Humphrey Hawksley
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447217322
Pages: 200
Year: 2011-12-12
View: 294
Read: 1197

At 0500 on Tuesday 3 May 2005, a lone Antonov-32 transport flies through the dawn light over the Himalayas and approaches the Tibetan capital, Lhasa. Its destination is the notorious Drapchi Prison, where some of the most revered Tibetan leaders are being held. The aircraft's loading bay is lowered. The sky is filled with mushroom grey parachutes. In a few minutes, troops of the People's Republic of China are fighting invaders. Far to the West, Paskistani FCI multi-role combat aircraft roar across the Line of Control and pound the strategic outpost of Kargil. Heliborne troops follow to raise the national green crescent flag on Indian territory.Suddenly the three-sided war so dreaded in Asia - India versus China and Pakistan - is happening. Nuclear arsenals are being readied in all three countries. Dragon Fire is a totally gripping thriller with a horrifying and wholly believable conclusion. Humphrey Hawksley's tense prose bristles with knowledge and insight into the most explosive political area in the world. But what makes it all the more terrifying is that it's all based on fact. '. . . takes the thriller in an important new direction' Craig Thomas

Prelude to World War Three

Prelude to World War Three
Author: James Rosone, Miranda Watson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523764481
Pages: 456
Year: 2016-02-04
View: 185
Read: 438

By the 2020s, America was no longer a world Superpower. The military had been cut to a barebones level, and while the U.S. was focused internally, the door opened for new powers to emerge on the world stage. In the wake of this power vacuum, China and Russia began to flex their military muscles and expand their dominance in the world. The border of India and Pakistan had long been one of the most precarious ticking time bombs waiting to explode, and when a scheme to agitate the tensions in that region is successful, it opened the door for powerful men to begin consolidating authority and start building an Islamic Caliphate. With Europe also weakened by economic decline, the United States was in serious danger from this new threat. In these hazardous times, America was in need of a leader. Henry Stein, a new kind of leader, built a new political party that is neither Republican nor Democrat to lead the charge to bring the country back from the brink. His unconventional style was just what the U.S. needed in order to deal with the changing world balance of power and a worldwide Great Depression. As conflicts near and far began to plague the planet, would President Stein be able to prevent a third world war?

The Myth of the Eastern Front

The Myth of the Eastern Front
Author: Ronald Smelser, Edward J. Davies (II)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521833655
Pages: 327
Year: 2008
View: 758
Read: 303

Some Americans are receptive to a positive interpretation of German military conduct on the Russian front in World War II.

Operation Red Dawn and the Siege of Europe

Operation Red Dawn and the Siege of Europe
Author: James Rosone, Miranda Watson
ISBN: 1539597717
Year: 2016-10-17
View: 984
Read: 685

For the first time since Pearl Harbor, war has arrived on the shores of the United States. As Chinese and Russians attack the frontier of Alaska, American forces are stretched thin. With battles raging in Europe, the Islamic Republic and on their own doorstep, what will President Stein decide to do? Is there any way to salvage their war-torn nation? In the secret of the night, meetings are taking place to arrange a possible Pan Asian Alliance. Which nations will decide to join, and which will reject the offer to try to maintain their own power and status? These negotiations hold the key to the direction of this world war. Power, greed, fear, and money all coalesce to create the perfect storm...what exactly will emerge from the whirlwind? America has their own secrets: new exoskeleton designs, improvements in cyber warfare and, of course, the clandestine Operation Pegasus to establish the first permanent lunar base. Will American ingenuity be enough to change the tide of World War III? About the Authors James Rosone is a veteran of the Army National Guard and the U.S. Air Force, serving overseas as an interrogator in Iraq during the 2007 troop surge. After 10 years in the service, he became a contractor abroad and then lived for several years in Europe working for the Department of Defense. He holds several degrees, include a Master of Science in Major Programme Management from the University of Oxford. Miranda Watson is a mother of two, the wife of a former military man, and a nurse. She has lived overseas and enjoys travel and photography. In addition to her nursing education, Miranda has earned an MBA

Red Inferno: 1945

Red Inferno: 1945
Author: Robert Conroy
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345519620
Pages: 366
Year: 2010-02-23
View: 196
Read: 1094

In April 1945, the Allies are charging toward Berlin from the west, the Russians from the east. For Hitler, the situation is hopeless. But at this turning point in history, another war is about to explode. To win World War II, the Allies dealt with the devil. Joseph Stalin helped FDR, Churchill, and Truman crush Hitler. But what if “Uncle Joe” had given in to his desire to possess Germany and all of Europe? In this stunning novel, Robert Conroy picks up the history of the war just as American troops cross the Elbe into Germany. Then Stalin slams them with the brute force of his enormous Soviet army. From American soldiers and German civilians trapped in the ruins of Potsdam to U.S. military men fighting behind enemy lines, from a scholarly Russia expert who becomes a secret player in a new war to Stalin’s cult of killers in Moscow, this saga captures the human face of international conflict. With the Soviets vastly outnumbering the Americans—but undercut by chronic fuel shortages and mistrust—Eisenhower employs a brilliant strategy of retreat to buy critical time for air superiority. Soon, Truman makes a series of controversial decisions, enlisting German help and planning to devastate the massive Red Army by using America’s ultimate and most secret weapon. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Romanovs

The Romanovs
Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 0307266524
Pages: 744
Year: 2016
View: 1164
Read: 1074

"The acclaimed author of Young Stalin and Jerusalem gives readers an accessible, lively account--based in part on new archival material--of the extraordinary men and women who ruled Russia for three centuries."--NoveList.

Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust

Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust
Author: Miron Dolot
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 039307854X
Pages: 248
Year: 2011-02-14
View: 943
Read: 783

Seven million people in the "breadbasket of Europe" were deliberately starved to death at Stalin's command. This story has been suppressed for half a century. Now, a survivor speaks. In 1929, in an effort to destroy the well-to-do peasant farmers, Joseph Stalin ordered the collectivization of all Ukrainian farms. In the ensuing years, a brutal Soviet campaign of confiscations, terrorizing, and murder spread throughout Ukrainian villages. What food remained after the seizures was insufficient to support the population. In the resulting famine as many as seven million Ukrainians starved to death. This poignant eyewitness account of the Ukrainian famine by one of the survivors relates the young Miron Dolot's day-to-day confrontation with despair and death—his helplessness as friends and family were arrested and abused—and his gradual realization, as he matured, of the absolute control the Soviets had over his life and the lives of his people. But it is also the story of personal dignity in the face of horror and humiliation. And it is an indictment of a chapter in the Soviet past that is still not acknowledged by Russian leaders.


Author: Dmitri V. Trenin
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 087003345X
Pages: 279
Year: 2011-08-01
View: 1136
Read: 1159

The war in Georgia. Tensions with Ukraine and other nearby countries. Moscow's bid to consolidate its "zone of privileged interests" among the Commonwealth of Independent States. These volatile situations all raise questions about the nature of and prospects for Russia's relations with its neighbors. In this book, Carnegie scholar Dmitri Trenin argues that Moscow needs to drop the notion of creating an exclusive power center out of the post-Soviet space. Like other former European empires, Russia will need to reinvent itself as a global player and as part of a wider community. Trenin's vision of Russia is an open Euro-Pacific country that is savvy in its use of soft power and fully reconciled with its former borderlands and dependents. He acknowledges that this scenario may sound too optimistic but warns that the alternative is not a new version of the historic empire but instead is the ultimate marginalization of Russia.

Into the Storm

Into the Storm
Author: Tom Clancy, Frederick M. Franks
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1429586788
Pages: 768
Year: 2007-05-01
View: 761
Read: 1189

In his brilliant, bestselling novels, Tom Clancy has explored the most timely military and security issues of our generation. Now he takes readers deep into the operational art of war with this insightful look at one of the greatest American military triumphs since World War II: the Gulf War.

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