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Chispas de Quesada

Chispas de Quesada
Author: Quesada
Publisher: Xerais De Galicia Edicions
ISBN: 8497826736
Pages: 224
Year: 2007-11
View: 626
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O presente volume, Chispas de Quesada, constitúe unha antoloxía de máis de duascentas viñetas, da colaboración diaria que Quesada mantén de forma ininterrompida en Faro de Vigo durante os últimos corenta anos. Unha antoloxía, impregnada da súa visión irónica e crítica da vida, que constitúe un percorrido pola actualidade política, social e deportiva de Galicia e, especialmente, da cidade de Vigo, desde 1967 á actualidade. A emigración, a transformación da cultura tradicional galega, o desemprego, os avatares da política internacional, a corrupción política, o problema das comunicacións, as promesas dos políticos, as relacións de parella ou diversas homenaxes aos amigos, son algúns dos temas abordados nesta antoloxía polo decano dos humoristas gráficos galegos en exercicio.

Spanish Phonology

Spanish Phonology
Author: Sonia Colina
Publisher: Georgetown University Press
ISBN: 1589012623
Pages: 184
Year: 2009
View: 445
Read: 1244

S "panish Phonology" offers a comprehensive analysis of a variety of crucial issues in the phonology and morphophonology of various dialects of Spanish. Written from the perspective of optimality theory -- one of the most influential theories of phonology today -- and with syllabic structure at its core, this volume highlights recent advances in Spanish phonology. The book includes margin notes to highlight key points and a glossary of constraints. Each chapter includes study questions, lists of the most influential sources for each chapter, and topics for further research. " Spanish Phonology" is intended as core reading for advanced phonology courses in Spanish linguistics, general linguistics, and related areas such as bilingualism, language variation, language acquisition, and speech and hearing.

The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature

The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature
Author: Roberto Gonzalez Echevarría
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521340691
Pages: 690
Year: 1996-09-13
View: 856
Read: 159

"Primary and vital resource for literary specialists, historians, students of all levels, and general readers interested in this period. Leading scholars write about diverse genres (narrative, essay, poetry, theater) and cultural interests and ideas (intellectual life, historiography, Viceregal culture, Mesoamerican indigenous peoples and cultures). Literature articles include analysis and discussion of canonic and previously marginalized authors and treat representative works, genres, and literary and philosophical currents. Extremely useful, well written, and interesting"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.

The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin

The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin
Author: Idries Shah
Publisher: Octagon Press Ltd
ISBN: 0863040225
Pages: 107
Year: 1983
View: 820
Read: 278

Collected stories about a popular figure in the folklore of many Asian and European countries.

Fortunata and Jacinta

Fortunata and Jacinta
Author: Benito Pérez Galdós
Publisher: Penguin Classics
ISBN: 0140433058
Pages: 818
Year: 1988
View: 375
Read: 815

A self-indulgent man's relations with his frail wife and a slum prostitute are the central focus of this classic depiction of bourgeois society in nineteenth-century Madrid

Gran Aldea, La: Colección de Clásicos de la Literatura Latinoamericana "carrascalejo de la Jara."

Gran Aldea, La: Colección de Clásicos de la Literatura Latinoamericana "carrascalejo de la Jara."
Author: Lucio Vicente Lopez
Pages: 257
Year: 2004
View: 749
Read: 685

Not Provided by Publisher.

The Spanish Lake

The Spanish Lake
Author: Oskar Hermann Khristian Spate
Publisher: ANU E Press
ISBN: 1920942165
Pages: 372
Year: 2004-11-01
View: 1275
Read: 1302

This work is a history of the Pacific, the ocean that became a theatre of power and conflict shaped by the politics of Europe and the economic background of Spanish America. There could only be a concept of &�the Pacific once the limits and lineaments of the ocean were set and this was undeniably the work of Europeans. Fifty years after the Conquista, Nueva Espaą and Peru were the bases from which the ocean was turned into virtually a Spanish lake.

Congress of the Animals

Congress of the Animals
Author: Jim Woodring
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 1606994379
Pages: 101
Year: 2011-06-15
View: 291
Read: 948

Readers of the “Frank” stories know that The Unifactor is in control of everything that happens to the characters that abide there, and that however extreme the experiences they undergo may be, in the end nothing really changes. That goes treble for Frank himself, who is kept in a state of total ineducability by the unseen forces of that haunted realm. And so the question arises: what would happen if Frank were to leave The Unifactor? That question is answered in Congress of the Animals, Jim Woodring's much-anticipated second full-length graphic novel, and first starring his signature character Frank.

Executive Control and the Frontal Lobe: Current Issues

Executive Control and the Frontal Lobe: Current Issues
Author: Werner X. Schneider, Adrian M. Owen, John Duncan
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642597947
Pages: 138
Year: 2012-12-06
View: 1304
Read: 979

While the importance of the prefrontal cortex for "higher-order" cognitive functions is largely undisputed, no consensus has been reached regarding precise specifications of these functions. For example, although some degree of regional specialization within the frontal lobe seems inevitable, by and large, most attempts to map specific cognitive functions onto neuroanatomical and/or cytoarchitectonic subdivisions have been disappointing. Although a high degree of functional specialization probably exists within the frontal cortex, it seems increasingly likely that the structural organization of this system does not relate, in any straightforward way, to contemporary models of cognition.

Journey to the Alcarria

Journey to the Alcarria
Author: Camilo José Cela
Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press
ISBN: 0871133792
Pages: 139
Year: 1964
View: 408
Read: 287

The Nobel Prize-winning author, describes his experiences traveling through the Alcarria territory, northeast of Madrid, and shares his impressions of the people

Julian Assange

Julian Assange
Author: Julian Assange
Publisher: Canongate Books
ISBN: 085786386X
Pages: 352
Year: 2011-09-22
View: 890
Read: 807

In December 2010, Julian Assange signed a contract with Canongate Books to write a book – part memoir, part manifesto – for publication the following year. At the time, Julian said: ‘I hope this book will become one of the unifying documents of our generation. In this highly personal work, I explain our global struggle to force a new relationship between the people and their governments.’ In the end, the work was to prove too personal. Despite sitting for more than fifty hours of taped interviews and spending many late nights at Ellingham Hall (where he was living under house arrest) discussing his life and the work of WikiLeaks with the writer he had enlisted to help him, Julian became increasingly troubled by the thought of publishing an autobiography. After reading the first draft of the book at the end of March, Julian declared: ‘All memoir is prostitution.’ In June 2011, with thirty-eight publishing houses around the world committed to releasing the book, Julian told us he wanted to cancel his contract. We disagree with Julian’s assessment of the book. We believe it explains both the man and his work, underlining his commitment to the truth. Julian always claimed the book was well written; we agree, and this also encouraged us to make the book available to readers. And the contract? By the time Julian wanted to cancel the deal he had already used the advance money to settle his legal bills. So the contract still stands. We have decided to honour it – and to publish. This book is the unauthorised first draft. It is passionate, provocative and opinionated – like its author. It fulfils the promise of the original proposal and we are proud to publish it. Canongate Books, September 2011

Francisco Zúñiga

Francisco Zúñiga
Publisher: Albedrio
Pages: 363
Year: 1999
View: 1167
Read: 677

Cuba for Beginners

Cuba for Beginners
Author: Rius
Pages: 153
Year: 1973
View: 1148
Read: 824

Death and Bright Water

Death and Bright Water
Author: James Mitchell
ISBN: 1909619116
Pages: 194
Year: 2014-06-19
View: 514
Read: 232

Callan, the most ruthlessly efficient member of British Intelligence's own assassination bureau known only as The Section, had made many deadly enemies within Moscow's KGB. So why were they now recommending him for job? It's not a job Callan wants, he just wants to get out of the whole sordid business, but if he doesn't take the job - rescuing a radical Greek politician's daughter from her kidnappers on Crete - then Callan might just find himself in one of the Section's infamous Red Files. 'I'm finished with you, ' said Callan. 'Finished with the Section. You know that.' 'Nobody's ever completely finished with me, ' said Hunter. First published in 1974, this was the third full-length Callan novel by his creator James Mitchell, back in print for the first time in 38 year

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