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Where Willy Went

Where Willy Went
Author: Nicholas Allan
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375983805
Pages: 32
Year: 2011-11-30
View: 530
Read: 1264

Never before have the facts of life been presented in such an accessible—or novel—way. Our hero is Willy, a little sperm who lives inside Mr. Browne with 300 million friends. Every day Willy practices for the Great Swimming Race. And when the day arrives, he swims faster than his 300 million friends to win the prize—a marvelous egg. Then something wonderful happens, and eventually Mr. and Mrs. Browne have a baby girl who has the same winning smile as Willy and who grows up to be a great swimmer. Hilariously funny, warm, and endearing, this is a picture book that appeals on different levels to both children and grown-ups. “Fresh, original, and imaginative. . . . Allan’s achievement is in couching fascinating facts within the construct of a gentle, direct narrative. A little knowledge is a wonderful thing, and as the rest of the facts of life fall into place, Allan’s readers will look back on this book with a mixture of fondness and wry amusement.” —The Guardian (UK)

Overcoming Situational and General Anger

Overcoming Situational and General Anger
Author: Jerry L. Deffenbacher, Matthew McKay
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications Incorporated
ISBN: 1572242051
Pages: 165
Year: 2000
View: 804
Read: 602

Effective protocols save time, increase the probability of obtaining good results, make it easier to train and supervise new therapists, and satisfy the needs of third parties to know that the proposed treatment follows the best available practices. Protocols are consistently formatted and organized; a detailed session-by-session treatment program that includes worksheets, homework assignments, in-session treatment exercises, and didactic material; specific assessment measures both for the target disorder and for the overall treatment program; a treatment plan summary for managed care requirements. This protocol outlines an eight-session treatment for therapists for working with individual adults with anger management problems. Interventions include stress inoculation, cognitive restructuring, relaxation, and coping skills rehearsal.

Education and Ecstasy

Education and Ecstasy
Author: George Leonard
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1556430051
Pages: 274
Year: 1987
View: 442
Read: 454

"Education and Ecstasy" was originally written as a call for reform in America's school systems. Published in the 60s, and then revised in the 80s, this book reveals the deep-rooted structural problems in American schools--problems which still plague the system. (Education/Teaching)

The Greek Way

The Greek Way
Author: Edith Hamilton
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393081869
Pages: 272
Year: 2010-10-25
View: 922
Read: 327

Edith Hamilton (1867–1963) buoyantly captures the spirit and achievements of the Greek civilization for our modern world. "Five hundred years before Christ in a little town on the far western border of the settled and civilizaed world, a strange new power was at work. . . . Athens had entered upon her brief and magnificent flowering of genius which so molded the world of mind and of spirit that our mind and spirit today are different. . . . What was then produced of art and of thought has never been surpasses and very rarely equalled, and the stamp of it is upon all the art and all the thought of the Western world." A perennial favorite in many different editions, Edith Hamilton's best-selling The Greek Way captures the spirit and achievements of Greece in the fifth century B.C. A retired headmistress when she began her writing career in the 1930s, Hamilton immediately demonstrated a remarkable ability to bring the world of ancient Greece to life, introducing that world to the twentieth century. The New York Times called The Greek Way a "book of both cultural and critical importance."

Developmental Science and Psychoanalysis

Developmental Science and Psychoanalysis
Author: Peter Fonagy, Linda Mayes, Mary Target
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 1780494815
Pages: 432
Year: 2007-12-31
View: 729
Read: 673

As a discipline, psychoanalysis began at the interface of mind and brain and has always been about those most basic questions of biology and psychology: loving, hating, what brings us together as lovers, parents, and friends and what pulls us apart in conflict and hatred.These are the enduring mysteries of life and especially of early development-how young children learn the language of the social world with its intertwined biological, genetic, and experiential roots and how infants translate thousands of intimate moments with their parents into a genuine, intuitive, emotional connection to other persons. Basic developmental neuroscience and psychology has also of late turned to these basic questions of affiliation: of how it is that as humans our most basic concerns are about finding, establishing, preserving, and mourning our relationships. These areas in broad strokes are the substance of mind and brain, and the last decade has brought much new science to the biology of attachment, love, and aggression. These are areas that practicing psychoanalysts have long been immersed in and have much to say about - and contemporary neuroscientists and developmentalists are recognizing the importance of understanding these basic issues at a deeper, and more subjective experiential level. The challenges before us are how to facilitate open discourse and collaborations among these perspectives and practitioners that often work at very different levels of discourse. This volume is not only a first step in that process but also, through the themes of the chapters and the pairing of discussants, a beginning illustration of how the cross-disciplinary discourse might work.

Handbook of Complementary Methods in Education Research

Handbook of Complementary Methods in Education Research
Author: Judith L. Green, Judith L Green, Gregory Camilli, Patricia B. Elmore, Patricia B Elmore
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135283303
Pages: 896
Year: 2012-01-04
View: 686
Read: 1233

Published for the American Educational Research Association by Routledge. The Handbook of Complementary Methods in Education Research is a successor volume to AERA's earlier and highly acclaimed editions of Complementary Methods for Research in Education. More than any book to date (including its predecessors), this new volume brings together the wide range of research methods used to study education and makes the logic of inquiry for each method clear and accessible. Each method is described in detail, including its history, its research design, the questions that it addresses, ways of using the method, and ways of analyzing and reporting outcomes. Key features of this indispensable book include the following: Foundations Section-Part I is unique among research books. Its three chapters examine common philosophical, epistemological, and ethical issues facing researchers from all traditions, and frames ways of understanding the similarities and differences among traditions. Together they provide a tripartite lens through which to view and compare all research methods. Comprehensive Coverage-Part II (the heart of the book) presents 35 chapters on research design and analysis. Each chapter includes a brief historical overview of the research tradition, examines the questions that it addresses, and presents an example of how the approach can be used. Programs of Research-Part III examines how research programs connected to eight specific lines of inquiry have evolved over time. These chapters examine phenomena such as classroom interaction; language research; issues of race, culture, and difference; policy analysis; program evaluation; student learning; and teacher education. Complementary Methods-As the title suggests, a central mission of this book is to explore the compatibility of different research methods. Which methods can be productively brought together and for what purposes? How and on what scale can they be made compatible and what phenomena are they best suited to explore? Flexibility-The chapters in Parts II and III are largely independent. Therefore, selected portions of the book can be used in courses devoted to specific research methods and perspectives or to particular areas of education. Likewise, established researchers interested in acquiring new techniques or greater expertise in a given methodology will find this an indispensable reference volume. This handbook is appropriate for any of the following audiences: faculty teaching and graduate students studying education research, education researchers and other scholars seeking an accessible overview of state-of-the-art knowledge about specific methods, policy analysts and other professionals needing to better understand research methods, and academic and research libraries serving these audiences.

The Ragazzi

The Ragazzi
Author: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Publisher: Carcanet Press
ISBN: 1857549724
Pages: 256
Year: 2007
View: 1094
Read: 213

An unsentimental depiction of the poverty and chaos of life in the slums of 1950s postwar Rome, this novel follows Ricetto, an Italian youth, and his gang who survive by their wits, their cruelty, and their instincts for survival. Their lives are shaped by hunger, theft, betrayal, and prostitution, and they celebrate their triumphs with brutal abandon and die bleak deaths. This harsh world is portrayed with an understanding that humanity and even humor can exist amidst a hard and amoral society. A novel that caused a scandal upon its first publication more than 50 years ago, this new translation eloquently captures the gritty Roman slang of the Italian original and tells a story that still resonates powerfully to this day.

Wise Up to Teens

Wise Up to Teens
Author: Peter Zollo
Publisher: New Strategist Publications Incorporated
ISBN: 1885070209
Pages: 346
Year: 1999
View: 439
Read: 301


Author: Marie Anne Mayeski
ISBN: 0940866463
Pages: 177
Year: 1995
View: 1045
Read: 916

Dhuoda of Septimania was a remarkable Carolingian aristocrat who wrote a Liber Manualis of biblically based practical directions for her at times wayward warrior son. Her method of interpreting the Bible is of special interest: the religious experiences of the Old Testament are seen as shared family experience, rather than allegorical tales as for Origen.

Kids as Customers

Kids as Customers
Author: James U. McNeal
ISBN: 0669276278
Pages: 258
Year: 1992-01-01
View: 666
Read: 434

An indispensable guide for companies marketing to four-to twelve-year-olds.

Private Life

Private Life
Author: Josep Maria de Sagarra
Publisher: Archipelago
ISBN: 0914671278
Pages: 496
Year: 2015-11-24
View: 1327
Read: 793

Private Life holds up a mirror to the moral corruption in the interstices of the Barcelona high society Sagarra was born into. Boudoirs of demimonde tramps, card games dilapidating the fortunes of milquetoast aristocrats - and how they scheme to conceal them - fading manors of selfish scions, and back rooms provided by social-climbing seamstresses are portrayed in vivid, sordid, and literary detail. The novel, practically a roman-à-clef for its contemporaries, was a scandal in 1932. The 1960's edition was bowdlerized by Franco's censors. Part Lampedusa, part Genet, this translation will bring an essential piece of 20th-century European literature to the English-speaking public. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Rutilio Grande, SJ

Rutilio Grande, SJ
Author: Rutilio Grande
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 081468775X
Pages: 188
Year: 2015-07-28
View: 877
Read: 204

Rutilio Grande, SJ, was the first Jesuit to be assassinated in El Salvador. He was killed on March 12, 1977, for having done the works that Jesus commands with regard to one's neighbor as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. This volume of his writings and homilies illustrates how he applied the social and ecclesial teachings of the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965) in his ministry with the poor and marginalized of El Salvador. His use of the social sciences to understand the problems in his context, his prophetic denunciation of power and wealth, and his ministry to empower laypeople to lead their faith communities all speak to the Holy Spirit working through the courage of a true servant leader.

Revisiting "The Culture of the School and the Problem of Change"

Revisiting "The Culture of the School and the Problem of Change"
Author: Seymour B. Sarason
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807776475
View: 489
Read: 1023

Revisiting “The Culture of the School and the Problem of Change” provocatively and seamlessly joins Seymour Sarason’s classic, landmark text on school change with his own insightful re?ections on those same issues in the face of today’s crisis in public schools. This is an extensive, monograph–length revisiting. Part I of this book reproduces the second edition of Sarason’s ground–breaking work, The Culture of the School and the Problem of Change, in which he detailed how change can affect a school’s culturally diverse environment—either through the implementation of new programs or as a result of federally imposed regulations. Throughout, many of the major assumptions about change in institutions are challenged. Speci?c events and examples demonstrate that any attempt to implement change involves some existing regularity within the school. Dr. Sarason also takes a close look at government involvement in change efforts in schooling—and includes a detailed examination of current efforts to implement PL 94–142 into public schools. He presents compelling evidence that the federal effort to change and improve schools has largely been a failure. Also included are investigations into the purposes of schooling and how these purposes can be affected by change, and the process by which educators and administrators formulate intended outcomes of change efforts. In Part II, Dr. Sarason “revisits” the text and the issues 25 years after the original publication. As he explains in his preface, to him the word crisis means “a point in time when a dangerous situation contains con?icting forces of an intensity or seriousness that in the near term will be dramatically altered depending on which forces win out. When I wrote the book a quarter century ago, I did not regard our schools as in crisis...[though] my intuition . . . was that a crisis would come sooner or later. It has, in my opinion, come.” Believing that “what happens in our cities and our schools will determine the fate of our society,” Dr. Sarason is deeply concerned that the reform arena is being manipulated by forces that are at best untroubled by and at worst intent on the dismantling of the public school system. That, coupled with his fear that even the system’s defenders are not focusing on the real issues, has infused Dr. Sarason’s return to the topic of educational change with a great sense of urgency. The important things he has to say will be welcomed by all who truly care about the state of the public schools that America’s children attend.


Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264040005
Pages: 390
Year: 2007-12-14
View: 244
Read: 860

PISA 2006: Science Competencies for Tomorrow’s World presents the results from the most recent PISA survey, which focused on science and also assessed mathematics and reading. It is divided into two volumes: the first offers an analysis of the results, the second contains the underlying data.

Status inequality

Status inequality
Author: George A. De Vos, Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
ISBN: 0803939620
Pages: 311
Year: 1990-11-01
View: 1258
Read: 994

"I found this book exciting, inspiring, and challenging. Some readers will disagree with its breadth and depth, but other readers will keenly seek out and embrace this volume. The book is bound to force further debate. . . .It is an excellent exemplar of the challenges and rewards of the multidisciplinary and internationally multicultural enterprise. I wish I felt optimistic that it might become required reading for all social scientists." --Stephen Small, University of Massachusetts, Amherst "This synthesizing work on status and equality, utilizing a psychocultural approach is one of the most powerful analyses of relationships among the self, ethnicity, gender, status mobility, migration, and status inequality to have been produced by anyone to date. Many years of work on these matters among the Japanese abroad and in America by George DeVos and the recent work by Suarez-Orozco on Central American refugees in American Schools are well reflected in this analysis." --George Spindler, Stanford University The culmination of more than forty years of study, Status Inequality provides a theoretical integration of themes by George De Vos, long an influence in the field of psychological anthropology. With coauthor Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, De Vos explores anthropological, sociological, and psychoanalytical insights into human behavior. Their unified theory synthesizes social structure and personality structure, concepts heretofore seen as diametrically opposed. The authors point to the symbolic nature of groups, the experience of ethnicity and of inequality, and the impact of internal and external variables on the sense of self. Separating the effects of status inequality from other social and psychological determinants of behavior, this intriguing and compelling work discusses the developmental experience of the self. Certain to be a welcome resource for scholars and students alike in psychology, anthropology, status inequality, and cross-cultural research.

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