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Exit Interview

Exit Interview
Author: David Westin
Publisher: Sarah Crichton Books
ISBN: 1466815566
Pages: 256
Year: 2012-05-22
View: 1300
Read: 1057

When David Westin became president of ABC News in March 1997, the division was treading water. "It looked like all the really important news was behind us," he writes. Hardly. For the next thirteen years, Westin would preside over ABC News during some of the most important and perplexing events in its history: • President Clinton's impeachment • The tied 2000 presidential election • The 9/11 attacks • Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan • The swift boat smear campaign against Senator John Kerry Exit Interview is a behind-the-scenes look at Westin's tenure and the major news that marked it. He takes us inside the chaos of the newsroom—alongside major players such as Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, and Bob Woodruff—where what looks clear and certain from the outside is often mired in conflict and urgency. Neither an apologia nor a critique, the book charts the ups and downs of fourteen formative years in network news, addressing basic questions about how our news is reported, from the point of view of someone who was there. With milestones from the recent past, Westin explores the uncertainty inherent in his job, and its central question: Is it possible for journalists to be both good at their jobs and people of good moral character?

Alan Moore's Exit Interview

Alan Moore's Exit Interview
Author: William M. S. Baker
Pages: 80
Year: 2007
View: 460
Read: 759

The exit interview

The exit interview
Author: Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Policyholders Service Bureau
Pages: 26
Year: 1946
View: 361
Read: 1046

Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews
Author: William D. Hendricks
Publisher: Moody Pub
ISBN: 0802423183
Pages: 305
Year: 1993-09-01
View: 1141
Read: 1164

53,000 people leave churches every week and never come back. Curious, William Hendricks interviewed many of these people and discovered that a craving for spirituality leads many outside the established churches.

Exit Interview

Exit Interview
Author: Kip Bunn
Publisher: Kip Bunn
Pages: 31
Year: 101
View: 941
Read: 972

Great Jobs for Everyone 50+

Great Jobs for Everyone 50+
Author: Kerry Hannon
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118240707
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-08-30
View: 1180
Read: 1321

The how-to guide to finding profitable, fulfilling work after 50 Aimed at workers aged 50+ looking for a new job—whether they have been laid off or taken early retirement, need supplemental income, or want to pursue an encore career—Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ is the definitive guide to finding lasting financial security and personal and professional fulfillment. Opportunities abound—the trick is knowing where to look and what to expect. Whether readers are interested in trying jobs they've long dreamed of doing, or just want something with flexible hours that brings in a little extra income, this book covers all the options. As Americans live longer and healthier lives, the desire to work longer—for the income, the mental engagement, or the chance to give back—has grown. But there is little guidance for the 50+ crowd looking for work and few role models who've blazed a path. In Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, author and personal finance, retirement, and career transitions expert Kerry Hannon shows the way, with compelling stories from people who've been there. Presenting the nitty-gritty details of available job opportunities, wages to expect, typical hours, and the qualifications and savvy needed to get hired, the book is loaded with practical advice on how to prepare both professionally and financially to start out on a new adventure. Shows where the best opportunities for new employment lie Helps readers find profitable and rewarding jobs to save for retirement Understands that different workers want different things from their jobs and shows how to cast a wide net to find an opportunity that fits Provides incredible insights into working after 50 from Kerry Hannon, a nationally renowned expert in personal finance, retirement, and career transitions Motivational, inspirational, and thoroughly practical, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ explains how to find part-time, temporary, work-at-home, or seasonal employment in profitable, rewarding jobs.

The Exit Interview

The Exit Interview
Author: William Missouri Downs
ISBN: 0573700907
Pages: 73
Year: 2012
View: 902
Read: 1112

Bertolt Brecht scholar Dick Fig has been terminated by his university and is having an excruciating exit interview with Eunice - a decidedly droll administrator. Downs' witty play ricochets through Brechtian interludes, a pair of politically-radicalized cheerleaders, a pompous newsman, communiques from God, and debates on religion, science and politics before reaching its surprising conclusion.

Exit Interview - Employment - Firing and Termination, Legal Forms Binding

Exit Interview - Employment - Firing and Termination, Legal Forms Binding
Author: Julien Coallier
ISBN: 1726268152
Pages: 202
Year: 2018-08-28
View: 573
Read: 329

Contents include Exit Interview, Employment - Firing & Termination, Legal Forms. These documents, fulfilled, filled out and signed, can be used in the U.S.A.

The Stay Interview

The Stay Interview
Author: Richard Finnegan
Publisher: AMACOM
ISBN: 0814436501
Pages: 128
Year: 2015-03-18
View: 1304
Read: 1030

It's the worst sort of surprise: A valued and seemingly happy employee gives his notice. Can you do anything at this point? Probably not. Could you have anticipated the departure and tried to prevent it? Absolutely. That's where this book comes in. This practical guide introduces managers to a powerful new engagement and retention tool: the stay interview. Smart companies have begun conducting these periodic reviews in order to discover why their important talent might leave and to solve any problems before they actually quit. Written by the retention expert who pioneered the process, The Stay Interview shows managers how to: Prepare for the meeting Anticipate an employee's top issues * Set realistic expectations from the start * Respond to difficult questions * Listen effectively and dig deeper * Craft a detailed and effective stay plan complete with timeline * Assess each employee's level of engagement, predict potential exits, and communicate results to upper management Complete with the five best questions to ask and sample scripts for different situations, The Stay Interview is the key to a more engaged . . . and much more productive team.

Developing an Exit Interview Process for Palm Harbor Fire Rescue

Developing an Exit Interview Process for Palm Harbor Fire Rescue
Pages: 48
Year: 2014
View: 1263
Read: 1048

The problem was that Palm Harbor Fire Rescue (PHFR) did not have an exit interview process for retiring or resigning members. The purpose of this applied research project was to develop an exit interview process for Palm Harbor Fire Rescue for employees that are retiring or resigning. The action research method was utilized and the following four research questions were answered to overcome the problem: (1) What are other local or state fire agencies utilizing for an exit interview process? (2) What information should be asked or requested during the interview process? (3) What advantages/disadvantages does an online interview form have over a face-to-face interview? (4) What components should be included in an exit interview process? The procedures utilized to complete this research project included a complete review of literature that was relevant to the project, the results of a questionnaire distributed to the Florida Fire Chiefs Association members and multiple personal interviews with soon to be retiring member of PHFR. The results concluded that numerous fire service agencies throughout the State of Florida utilize an exit interview process and that the soon to be retiring members of PHFR interviewed are of the opinion that this process would benefit PHFR. The recommendation based on the research was to develop an exit interview process for PHFR and have it added to the department's Standard Operating Procedures.

Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss

Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss
Author: Beverly Kaye, Sharon Jordan-Evans
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1626563497
Pages: 120
Year: 2015-05-18
View: 1061
Read: 348

Stay interviews prevent exit interviews! You can't afford to lose them. They're your stars and your solid citizens. You wonder if they're happy in your organization—and what might keep them there. To find out, you could: A. Conduct a survey—then try to guess who said what. B. Take note of their latest tattoos. Is your company logo among them? C. Ask, “What will keep you here?” The correct answer is C. It's the opening line of a great stay interview, and it could make the difference between keeping and losing your best people. Worried that your talented people will want things you can't deliver, like more money or a big promotion? Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans have a simple four-step process for dealing with that. Not sure how to get started? They provide dozens of suggested questions and icebreakers. Think you don't have time? They offer all kinds of creative time-saving options for where, when, and how you can do stay interviews.

Talk, Inc.

Talk, Inc.
Author: Boris Groysberg, Michael Slind
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1422183998
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-05-29
View: 964
Read: 733

Conversation-powered leadership How can leaders make their big or growing companies feel small again? How can they recapture the “magic”—the tight strategic alignment, the high level of employee engagement—that drove and animated their organization when it was a start-up? As more and more executives have discovered in recent years, the answer to this conundrum lies in the power of conversation. In Talk, Inc., Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind show how trusted and effective leaders are adapting the principles of face-to-face conversation in order to pursue a new form of organizational conversation. They explore the promise of conversation-powered leadership—from the time-tested practice of talking straight (and listening well) to the thoughtful adoption of social media technology. And they offer guidance on how to balance the benefits of open-ended talk with the realities of strategic execution. Drawing on the experience of leaders at diverse companies from around the world, Talk, Inc., offers provocative insights and user-friendly tips on how to make organizational culture more intimate, more interactive, more inclusive, and more intentional—in short, more conversational.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
Author: Gurpreet Randhawa
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist
ISBN: 8126908602
Pages: 408
Year: 2007-11-01
View: 404
Read: 602

The Present Book Provides A Comprehensive View On Human Resource Management. It Would Be An Ideal Textbook For Mba/M.Com./Pgdm And Other Postgraduate Courses. Beginning With Introductory Perspectives Of Hrm And Its Evolutive Aspects, The Book Elucidates In An Easily Comprehensible Manner The Concepts Of Human Resource Planning; Job Analysis And Collection Of Job Data; Job Design; Recruitment; Selection And Barriers To Effective Selection; Psychological Testing And Interviews; Placement And Induction Procedure; Training And Management Development; Techniques And Problems Associated With Performance Appraisal; Career Planning; Promotions, Transfer And Demotions; Employee Compensation; Incentives, Benefits And Services; Industrial Relations And Disputes; Employee Grievances; Employee Welfare, Safety And Health; Collective Bargaining; And Global Human Resource Management. The Book Is The First Of Its Kind As It Provides: " Learning Objectives In The Beginning Of Every Chapter." Numerous Exhibits And Examples That Would Help Sustain The Interest Of Readers." Key Terms And Questions Following Each Chapter." A Small Hr Dictionary In The End Of The Book.Surely, The Book Will Provide A Rewarding And Refreshing Experience To Its Readers.

The New Rules of Work

The New Rules of Work
Author: Alexandra Cavoulacos, Kathryn Minshew
Publisher: Crown Books
ISBN: 0451495675
Pages: 336
Year: 2017
View: 298
Read: 437

"In this definitive guide to the ever-changing modern workplace, Kathryn Minshew and Alexandra Cavoulacos, the co-founders of popular career website TheMuse.com, show how to play the game by the New Rules. The Muse is known for sharp, relevant, and get-to-the-point advice on how to figure out exactly what your values and your skills are and how they best play out in the marketplace. Now Kathryn and Alex have gathered all of that advice and more in The New Rules of Work. Through quick exercises and structured tips, the authors will guide you as you sort through your countless options; communicate who you are and why you are valuable; and stand out from the crowd. The New Rules of Work shows how to choose a perfect career path, land the best job, and wake up feeling excited to go to work every day-- whether you are starting out in your career, looking to move ahead, navigating a mid-career shift, or anywhere in between"--

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