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Baby Boomers and Beyond

Baby Boomers and Beyond
Author: Amy Hanson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470500794
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-07-26
View: 166
Read: 1239

How ministry leaders can help older adults be a vital part of Christian community With the explosion of the older adult population, this important book explores the opportunities and challenges that this presents for the Christian community. Amy Hanson challenges us to let go of many old stereotypes regarding aging and embrace a new paradigm that sees older adults as active, healthy and capable of making significant contributions. Debunks the myths of aging that keep us from fully embracing the potential of people in life's second half Offers suggestions on how to re-invent ministry with older adults Focuses on unleashing older adults to serve and make an impact on churches and congregations A volume in the Leadership Network series The author shows church leaders how they can unleash the power of the baby boomer population to strengthen their congregations.

Freudian Passions

Freudian Passions
Author: Jan Campbell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0429899785
Pages: 276
Year: 2018-05-04
View: 915
Read: 791

Freud's thinking about the unconscious has always been seen to be more about representations than affects. When it came to the passions of the transference and the demands of his hysterical patients, Freud was always more interested, wanted to move the focus away from the transference, and onto dreams. Hidden wishes more than manifest ones were what captured his imagination and style. This book returns to the repressed theory of passions in Freud's own thinking, arguing that the repression, fixation and rhythmic movement of affects make up the roots and branches of psychoanalytic thinking. We can think of Freud's unconscious affects as a tree, with the most passionate and primitive affects that make up the core of our psychic life, moving and branching out into more elaborated emotions and representations. So what moves this tree: the house of our first passions? How we move the tree of our affects, or leave it, is integral to Freud's understanding of sexuality and the Oedipal Complex.

Freud and the Passions

Freud and the Passions
Author: John O'Neill
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271041080
Year: 2010-11-01
View: 1156
Read: 426

Love and Other Passions

Love and Other Passions
Author: Rosalee Jaeger
Publisher: Llumina Press
ISBN: 1932047948
Pages: 272
Year: 2003-01-01
View: 592
Read: 1106

As readers follow Edie and Janet to Paris, Florence, New York, and Los Angeles, and into the fascinating world of food and restaurants, they experience their struggles, successes and failures, love affairs, and relationships.

The Passions of Vincent van Gogh

The Passions of Vincent van Gogh
Author: B. Ione Mutchler Ph. D.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493198920
Pages: 262
Year: 2014-04
View: 558
Read: 209

The Passions of Chelsea Kane

The Passions of Chelsea Kane
Author: Barbara Delinsky
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061749133
Pages: 576
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 363
Read: 210

An enthralling and unforgettable story of a woman’s search for her past, The Passions of Chelsea Kane is a beloved classic from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky. After the death of her beloved adoptive mother, thirty-six-year-old Chelsea Kane is consumed by the need to learn the truth about her birth parents. Taking a break from her successful architecture career, she arrives in the New Hampshire town where she was born, determined to find answers, her only clue a tarnished silver key that was bequeathed to her after her mother’s passing. One of her first discoveries, however, is something quite unexpected: the irresistible Judd Street. Buoyed by love and resolution, Chelsea slowly begins to uncover the dark mystery of her past. But as she inches closer to the truth, she realizes that someone is trying to stop her, and will go to any lengths to prevent her from finding answers. The danger escalates until one terrifying night when all secrets are laid bare. Full of danger, intrigue, and love, The Passions of Chelsea Kane is a riveting and heartfelt story that can only be told by master storyteller Barbara Delinsky.

Passion's Baby

Passion's Baby
Author: Catherine Spencer
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459202856
Pages: 192
Year: 2011-02-21
View: 1306
Read: 922

Jane was fascinated with Liam McGuire, a sexy, brooding man with a troubled soul—and it was obvious that Liam's desire for her was barely held in check. One out-of-control, passion-filled night later, and Jane was in trouble. Not only had she fallen in love with Liam, she could be pregnant as well! Knowing Liam had vowed never to risk his emotions and marry again, could Jane bear the thought of a proposal just for the baby's sake?

Then Comes Baby

Then Comes Baby
Author: Gregory K. Popcak, Lisa Popcak
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1594714126
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-11-03
View: 515
Read: 864

Greg and Lisa Popcak—popular Catholic authors, radio hosts, and marriage and family experts—present this unique guide to caring for one’s baby, self, marriage, and spiritual life in the first three years of parenthood. In Then Comes Baby: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Three Years of Parenthood, Greg and Lisa Popcak lend readers the benefit of their twenty-five years’ experience in parenting and marriage and family counseling to help them navigate the earliest years of parenthood. They recommend rituals, routines, and tips on how to manage feeding, fatigue, and finances and how also to prioritize marital bonding and faith life, suggesting that setting the pattern early will pay dividends later. The Popcaks coach Catholic couples as they become first-time parents as they adjust to their new identities and help them face the inevitable challenges of parenthood with ideas for bonding with babies and getting sufficient sleep and nutrition—all while seeing these everyday experiences through the lens of Catholic teaching on the purpose of family life.

Darcy's Passions

Darcy's Passions
Author: Regina Jeffers
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 156975246X
Pages: 236
Year: 2009-05-01
View: 705
Read: 958

Moore's the Ballad of Baby Doe

Moore's the Ballad of Baby Doe
Author: Burton D. Fisher
Publisher: Opera Journeys Publishing
ISBN: 1102009164
Year: 2006
View: 962
Read: 581

A Baby's Bones

A Baby's Bones
Author: Rebecca Alexander
Publisher: Titan Books (US, CA)
ISBN: 1785656228
Pages: 480
Year: 2018-05-01
View: 1191
Read: 958

"Finely observed beautifully written" Daily Mail on The Secrets of Life and Death "It was a secret burial. Maybe even murder..." Archaeologist Sage Westfield has been called in to excavate a sixteenth-century well, and expects to find little more than soil and the odd piece of pottery. But the disturbing discovery of the bones of a woman and newborn baby make it clear that she has stumbled onto an historical crime scene, one that is interwoven with an unsettling local legend of witchcraft and unrequited love. Yet there is more to the case than a four-hundred-year-old mystery. The owners of a nearby cottage are convinced that it is haunted, and the local vicar is being plagued with abusive phone calls. Then a tragic death makes it all too clear that a modern murderer is at work...

My Three Mothers and Other Passions

My Three Mothers and Other Passions
Author: Sophie Freud
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814728936
Pages: 372
Year: 1991-04-01
View: 1091
Read: 1137

Sophie Freud— author, teacher, social worker, mother, daughter, and grand-daughter of Sigmund Freud—here offers, for the first time, a candid portrait of her struggles in her own life. Blessed and cursed with the legacy of a famous family, Dr. Freud has negotiated her way from a blissful childhood in Vienna, to Paris, to Radcliff College, to her present-day life as on one of the most respected teachers in her field. My Three Mothers and Other Passions is a remarkable story about a remarkable woman, and Dr. Freud explores with us openly and engagingly the many experiences of her life.

Baby Soniat

Baby Soniat
Author: Neal Holland Duncan
Publisher: St. Luke's Press
ISBN: 091851875X
Pages: 221
Year: 1989
View: 292
Read: 1182

Another Woman's Baby

Another Woman's Baby
Author: Joanna Wayne
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460350839
Pages: 256
Year: 2014-10-15
View: 255
Read: 718

Travel with Joanna Wayne deep into the American South as she unlocks HIDDEN PASSIONS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS…WITH A TALL, DARK, SEXY STRANGER Surrogate mother Megan Lancaster had been prepared for what pregnancy would bring—only, an FBI hunk stringing lights on her Christmas tree wasn't one of those things! But her life was in danger, and agent Bart Cromwell, masquerading as her adoring lover, would protect her and her baby. Her baby.The child she carried no longer had parents…unless Megan and the sexy stranger who kept kissing her under the mistletoe were willing to put their hearts on the line and welcome the newborn as a family…for Christmas and forever.

From Passions to Emotions

From Passions to Emotions
Author: Thomas Dixon
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 113943697X
Year: 2003-06-05
View: 157
Read: 805

Today there is a thriving 'emotions industry' to which philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists are contributing. Yet until two centuries ago 'the emotions' did not exist. In this path-breaking study Thomas Dixon shows how, during the nineteenth century, the emotions came into being as a distinct psychological category, replacing existing categories such as appetites, passions, sentiments and affections. By examining medieval and eighteenth-century theological psychologies and placing Charles Darwin and William James within a broader and more complex nineteenth-century setting, Thomas Dixon argues that this domination by one single descriptive category is not healthy. Overinclusivity of 'the emotions' hampers attempts to argue with any subtlety about the enormous range of mental states and stances of which humans are capable. This book is an important contribution to the debate about emotion and rationality which has preoccupied western thinkers throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and has implications for contemporary debates.

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