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The Puppy Listener

The Puppy Listener
Author: Jan Fennell
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007413793
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-10-28
View: 1202
Read: 751

An indispensible guide to raising your new puppy from the author of The Dog Listener. From teething to training, this book follows the development of your puppy from new pet to best friend.

The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet

The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet
Author: Jolanta Benal
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429985151
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-11-08
View: 845
Read: 433

If you want to raise a happy dog who loves to play and cuddle--but still comes when called and doesn't chew up your favorite shoes--you need Jolanta Benal's The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet. Jolanta's dog-training philosophy is simple: playful, rewards-based training fosters sociable, polite behavior that is the hallmark of a likeable dog. Harsh, outdated prong collars and choke chains do not. Whether you've just welcomed a new puppy into your life, or are facing some struggles with an already beloved family member, Jolanta has sound advice on everything you want to know, including: • How to housetrain your dog for good • How to read your dog's body language • How to avoid common training mistakes and fix the ones you've already made Jolanta's warm, funny tone and encouraging conversational style will teach you to raise the most loving and best-behaved pooch on the block.

How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend

How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend
Author: Monks of New Skete
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0759524386
Pages: 202
Year: 2001-05-15
View: 204
Read: 771

For more than a quarter century, How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend has been the standard against which all other dog-training books have been measured. This expanded edition preserves the best features of the original classic while bringing the book fully up-to-date. The result: the ultimate training manual for a new generation of dog owners--and, of course, for their canine best friends. The Monks of New Skete have achieved international renown as breeders of German shepherds and as outstanding trainers of dogs of all breeds. Their unique approach to canine training, developed and refined over four decades, is based on the philosophy that "understanding is the key to communication, compassion, and communion" with your dog. How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend covers virtually every aspect of living with and caring for your dog, including: Selecting a dog (what breed? male? female? puppy or older dog?) to fit your lifestyle Where to get--and where not to get--a dog Reading a pedigree Training your dog or puppy--when, where, and how The proper use of praise and discipline Feeding, grooming, and ensuring your dog's physical fitness Recognizing and correcting canine behavioral problems The particular challenges of raising a dog where you live - in the city, country, or suburb The proper techniques for complete care of your pet at every stage of his or her life In its scope, its clarity, and its authority, How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend remains unrivaled as a basic training guide for dog owners. Like no other book, this guide can help you understand and appreciate your dog's nature as well as his or her distinct personality--and in so doing, it can significantly enrich the life you share with your dog.

The Practical Dog Listener: The 30-Day Path to a Lifelong Understanding of Your Dog

The Practical Dog Listener: The 30-Day Path to a Lifelong Understanding of Your Dog
Author: Jan Fennell
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 000738842X
Pages: 224
Year: 2012-05-03
View: 1218
Read: 1243

In THE DOG LISTENER, Jan Fennell changed the way we think about our best friends. Now, in this indispensible companion volume, she deals with the day-to-day practicalities of putting those principles to work.

The Dog Listener

The Dog Listener
Author: Jan Fennell
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061760668
Pages: 400
Year: 2009-10-13
View: 789
Read: 217

In The Dog Listener Jan Fennell shares her revolutionary insight into the canine world and its instinctive language that has enabled her to bring even the most delinquent of dogs to heel. This easy-to-follow guide draws on Jan's countless case histories of problem dogs—from biters and barkers to bicycle chasers—to show how you can bridge the language barrier that separates you from your dog. This edition includes a new 30-Day Training Guide to further incorporate Jan's powerful method into every element of pet ownership, including: Understanding what it means to care for a dog Choosing the right dog for you Introducing your dog to its new home Overcoming separation anxiety Walking on a leash Dealing with behavioral problems Grooming And much more

Train Your Dog Positively

Train Your Dog Positively
Author: Victoria Stilwell
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 1607744147
Pages: 248
Year: 2013-03-19
View: 1119
Read: 505

Counsels dog owners on how to train their pets using positive reinforcement, offering insight into how a dog thinks, feels, and learns to suggest the best approaches to treating behavioral problems.

Cesar's Way

Cesar's Way
Author: Cesar Millan, Melissa Jo Peltier
Publisher: Crown Archetype
ISBN: 0307382052
Pages: 304
Year: 2006-08-08
View: 537
Read: 1165

In Cesar’s Way, Cesar Millan—nationally recognized dog expert and star of National Geographic Channel’s hit show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan—helps you see the world through the eyes of your dog so you can finally eliminate problem behaviors. From his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show to his roster of celebrity clients to his reality television series, Cesar Millan is America’s most sought-after dog-behavior expert. But Cesar is not a trainer in the traditional sense—his expertise lies in his unique ability to comprehend dog psychology. Tracing his own amazing journey from a clay-walled farm in Mexico to the celebrity palaces of Los Angeles, Cesar recounts how he learned what makes dogs tick. In Cesar’s Way, he shares this wisdom, laying the groundwork for you to have stronger, more satisfying relationships with your canine companions. Cesar’s formula for a contented and balanced dog seems impossibly simple: exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order. Taking readers through the basics of dog psychology and behavior, Cesar shares the inside details of some of his most fascinating cases, using them to illustrate how common behavior issues develop and, more important, how they can be corrected. You'll learn: • What your dog really needs may not be what you’re giving him • Why a dog’s natural pack instincts are the key to your happy relationship • How to relate to your dog on a canine level • There are no “problem breeds,” just problem owners • How to choose a dog who’s right for you and your family • The difference between discipline and punishment • And much more! Filled with fascinating anecdotes about Cesar’s longtime clients, and including forewords by the president of the International Association of Canine Professionals and Jada Pinkett Smith, this is the only book you’ll need to forge a stronger, more rewarding connection with your four-legged companion. Also available as a Random House AudioBook

Puppy Problems? No Problem!

Puppy Problems? No Problem!
Author: Brenda Aloff
Publisher: Dogwise Pub
ISBN: 1617810517
Pages: 311
Year: 2011
View: 666
Read: 1057

This book goes beyond any of the other puppy books out there and brings you Brenda's 20 years of experience working with problem dogs as a professional pet behavior consultant. This gives Brenda a unique view of what owners should have done to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Training your dog should be a shared and fun experience that enhances the relationship you have with your dog. This book will lead you through each "problem" and in an easy to understand step-by-step program will show you how to make big differences in your dog's behavior.

One Pup's Up

One Pup's Up
Author: Marsha Wilson Chall
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442439572
Pages: 32
Year: 2011-06-14
View: 598
Read: 940

When one pup’s up, the other nine are sure to follow! Young readers will love counting along as ten pups gradually wake up to nuzzle, wiggle, dine, and play. Count back down as the puppies fall asleep again, all in a fuzzy doggy jumble. This fun and simple counting book combines Marsha Wilson Chall’s energetic text with beloved illustrator Henry Cole’s adorable art to make a perfect read-aloud treat.

Your Doodle and You

Your Doodle and You
Author: Rochelle Woods
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 198565055X
Pages: 46
Year: 2018-03-04
View: 172
Read: 1261

Everything you need to know about Labradoodle and Goldendoodle history, generations, coat types, training tips, behavioral issues, nutrition, grooming your doodle, bringing a puppy home, choosing a veterinarian, vaccinations, health insurance, caring for your puppy, weight and vaccine charts, and more! Your Doodle & You touches on all of these topics, in a short and concise way. It's a resource guide you can grab and quickly flip through to find the information you need in a matter of seconds. Wonderful tool for the family with a new puppy, and wonderful addition for breeders to send home with families in their packet of puppy information.

Parenting Your New Puppy

Parenting Your New Puppy
Author: Caroline Spencer, Lesley Harris
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472136241
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-04-14
View: 601
Read: 533

In this practical, readable and entertaining book, Caroline Spencer and Lesley Harris bring a new slant to a well-explored subject and propose significant shifts in an owner's understanding of why their puppy behaves as he does and what makes him tick. Like children, dogs are born without behavioural issues; it is what happens in the early weeks of life, and the way in which his new owner nurtures, guides and educates him that will enable him to become a well-balanced adult - or not. Drawing on a combined 40 years of experience, the authors will help you in your initial choice of a puppy. When you take him into your home, it will show you how to interpret natural canine communication and play, and how to use these signals to educate and guide your puppy in a positive way. The confidence he gains in you, the parent, will help him through sometimes difficult and confusing situations, to become a happy, trustworthy, and trusting friend for life.

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution
Author: Zak George, Dina Roth Port
ISBN: 1607748916
Pages: 240
Year: 2016
View: 536
Read: 819

Zak George is a new type of dog trainer. A dynamic YouTube star and Animal Planet personality with a fresh approach, Zak helps you to tailor train to your dog's unique traits and energy level--leading to quicker results and a much happier pet. Packed with everything you need to know to raise and care for your dog, this book will help you communicate and bond with one another in a way that makes training easier, more rewarding, and--most of all--fun!

The Secret Language of Dogs

The Secret Language of Dogs
Author: Victoria Stilwell
ISBN: 1607749521
Pages: 160
Year: 2016
View: 244
Read: 586

"Recent studies into the minds of canines show that they have a rich social intelligence and a physical and vocal language as complex and subtle as our own. In The Secret Language of Dogs, world-renowned trainer and star of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog Victoria Stilwell reveals how to both interpret and "speak" the hidden language of dogs. This book is your guide to understanding your pooch, communicating effectively, strengthening your bond, and helping dogs learn in the most effective way possible so they feel confident navigating the human world with success, "--Amazon.com.

How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves
Author: Sophia Yin
Publisher: TFH Publications Inc
ISBN: 0793806445
Pages: 271
Year: 2010-07-01
View: 547
Read: 1222

Describes how dogs think and learn, and provides dog training methods that take into consideration the unintentional effect human behavior has on the process.


Author: Miriam Fields-Babineau
Publisher: i5 Publishing
ISBN: 1593787154
Pages: 123
Year: 2012-03-06
View: 1026
Read: 1022

A Designer Dog book dedicated to the world’s most popular crossbred, Labradoodle celebrates the “breed” created from the pairing of a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. Professional animal trainer and author Miriam Fields-Babineau presents a look at the origins of both parent breeds as well as a glance at the unique nature of a Doodle—the special characteristics of the Labradoodle that combine the best traits of both parent breeds. The book includes the International Labradoodle Association’s standard for the Labradoodle as well as chapters on feeding, grooming, house-training and obedience. The final chapter of the book “Experience Labradoodle Fun” talks about all of the fun activities for owners and their Doodles, including agility, flyball, dancing with dogs, and more.

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