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The Night Bird

The Night Bird
Author: Brian Freeman
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 1503941892
Pages: 362
Year: 2017-02-01
View: 798
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Homicide detective Frost Easton doesn't like coincidences. When a series of bizarre deaths rock San Francisco--as seemingly random women suffer violent psychotic breaks--Frost looks for a connection that leads him to psychiatrist Francesca Stein. Frankie's controversial therapy helps people erase their most terrifying memories...and all the victims were her patients. As Frost and Frankie carry out their own investigations, the case becomes increasingly personal--and dangerous. Long-submerged secrets surface as someone called the Night Bird taunts the pair with cryptic messages pertaining to the deaths. Soon Frankie is forced to confront strange gaps in her own memory, and Frost faces a killer who knows the detective's worst fears. As the body count rises and the Night Bird circles ever closer, a dedicated cop and a brilliant doctor race to solve the puzzle before a cunning killer claims another victim.

The Night Birds

The Night Birds
Author: Thomas Maltman
Publisher: Soho Press
ISBN: 1569474621
Pages: 370
Year: 2007
View: 744
Read: 1254

For Asa, the summer of 1876 was a time of fear and uncertainty, when his mysterious aunt, Hazel, arrives and turns his entire life upside-down with her tales and secrets from the past.

Chasing the Nightbird

Chasing the Nightbird
Author: Krista Russell
Publisher: Peachtree Publishers
ISBN: 1561458694
Pages: 192
Year: 2011-10-01
View: 444
Read: 881

As the son of the famous Black Jack Valera, the best whaler on the eastern seaboard, thirteen-year-old Lucky Valera has led a charmed and happy life at sea. Following his father's death, Lucky is kidnapped and pressed into a life of servitude by his cruel and embittered half brother, Fortuna. He immediately puts Lucky to work under harsh conditions in a textile mill and confiscates the boy's wages. But when Lucky meets Emmeline, a spirited girl with abolitionist sympathies, and Daniel, a fugitive slave from the South, his dream for a return to his old life of freedom and the sea seems to be within reach. That is, if he and his new friends can outwit and outrun Fortuna and an enraged slave trader, both of whom will stop at nothing to get back what they believe is their rightful property.

The Night Bird

The Night Bird
Author: Catherine Asaro
Publisher: LUNA
ISBN: 1426818823
Pages: 448
Year: 2008-07-01
View: 788
Read: 830

For centuries the women of Aronsdale have lived freely among the green and misted valleys. Creatures of exotic beauty and sensuality, they possess powerful skills of enchantment…and young Allegro is no different. But her life—and Aronsdale's independence—is threatened when Jazid nomads invade, carrying Allegro into the desert as a prized trophy…or worse. Until an unexpected ally falls under her spell. From the moment feared Jazid warrior Markus Onyx sees the alluring beauty, he knows he has found his queen. But even the promise of love cannot quell Allegro's determination to save her homeland. Summoning her powers, she casts herself north—out of passion's grip—and into the dark heart of conflict.…

Speaks the Nightbird

Speaks the Nightbird
Author: Robert McCammon
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416552502
Pages: 816
Year: 2007-07-17
View: 320
Read: 234

A single-volume paperback edition of a popular tale by the author of Swan Song follows the efforts of seventeenth-century clerk Matthew Corbett to prove the innocence of a Portuguese widow who has been accused of witchcraft in the wake of a series of murders and misfortunes. Reprint.


Author: Alice Hoffman
Publisher: Yearling
ISBN: 0385389612
Pages: 208
Year: 2016-03-08
View: 871
Read: 1241

Twig, aged twelve, is practically ignored by classmates and other residents of Sidwell, Massachusetts, but gets along fine with just her mother and brother, whose presence must be kept secret, until descendants of the witch who cursed her family move in next door and want to be her friends.

Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?

Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?
Author: Anita Rau Badami
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307375293
Pages: 432
Year: 2010-03-05
View: 967
Read: 210

Set against the tumultuous backdrop of a fragmenting Punjab and moving between Canada and India, Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? charts the interweaving stories of three Indian women–Bibi-ji, Leela and Nimmo–each in search of a resting place amid rapidly changing personal and political landscapes. Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? weaves together the personal and the political–and beautifully brings the reader into the reality of terrorism and religious intolerance.

When the Night Bird Sings

When the Night Bird Sings
Author: Joyce Sequichie Hifler
Publisher: Council Oak Books
ISBN: 1571780963
Pages: 176
Year: 2000
View: 630
Read: 489

In this charming collection of brief essays, Hifler pays tribute to the simple blessings of daily life and shares the lessons she learned from those who nurtured her during her childhood in Cherokee County. In each small piece, she reflects upon a memory or incident from which she extracts fresh meaning. Planting beans, for instance, prompts a meditation on the unending story of creation.

Night Bird

Night Bird
Author: Kathleen V. Kudlinski
Publisher: Puffin
ISBN: 0140343539
Pages: 54
Year: 1995-04-01
View: 1038
Read: 271

In 1840 Night Bird, whose clan of Seminole Indians is fighting to preserve its traditional way of life in Florida, must decide whether to seek land and an unknown future in distant Oklahoma.

The Nightbird's Song

The Nightbird's Song
Author: Josephine DeFalco
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1611608430
Pages: 245
Year: 2014-08-01
View: 752
Read: 1105

A widowed mother must provide for her family and learn to survive in a competitive mining community. Her only asset is her charming Victorian home and in a short time it is transformed into a boarding house for single miners. Although Brenna is unskilled at managing a house full of men, she quickly embraces her new identity. Caught up in the struggles of day to day living, this once privileged white woman opens her eyes to the suffering and bigotry surrounding the working class. When she falls in love with a man some would consider "beneath her," she must decide to follow the rules of society or follow her heart. Confused, hurt and rejected by her family, the nightbird's song reminds Brenna that we are strengthened by the struggles we survive.


Author: David Busboom
Publisher: Unnerving
ISBN: 1775254402
Pages: 172
Year: 2018-02-12
View: 772
Read: 1023

On the night a strange and beautiful woman captured Isaac's virginity, something happened. It was something dark, unsavory, and unexplainable. On that night, the mysterious woman captured much, much more than a first. Sixteen-year-old Isaac just wanted to see a midnight movie. He didn't expect to meet the woman of his dreams: more beautiful, mature, and intelligent than any of Isaac's high-school crushes, and (best of all) willing to fulfil his fantasies! So what if she didn't have a computer, a phone, a car, or a job? So what if she shares an isolated farmhouse with a half-dozen insatiable, love-crazed people, all aching for her attention? She was ready and willing. That one night was enough, perhaps too much. Isaac resigned himself to never seeing her again and moving on. But is that possible? Will he ever be rid of her? Can he love another? Will she ever release that hold? Or will she be there forever, especially at night, when the wind whistles through the forest and the screech owls cry...

The Obscene Bird of Night

The Obscene Bird of Night
Author: José Donoso, Leonard Mades
Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher
ISBN: 1567920462
Pages: 438
Year: 2003-01
View: 1255
Read: 256

The story of the last member of the aristocratic Azcoitia family, a monstrous mutation protected from the knowledge of his deformity by being surrounded with other freaks as his companions, The Obscene Bird of Night is a triumph of imaginative, visionary writing. Among its luxuriance, fecundity, horror, and energy will not soon fade from the reader's mind.

Speaks the Nightbird

Speaks the Nightbird
Author: Robert R. McCammon
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 148044846X
Pages: 812
Year: 2013-10-08
View: 705
Read: 195

Murder sparks a witchcraft charge and mob fury in this “absorbing historical mystery” set in seventeenth-century America from a New York Times–bestselling author (Publishers Weekly). It’s 1699 in the coastal settlement of Fount Royal in the Carolinas when Rachel Howarth is sentenced to be hanged as a witch. She’s been accused of murder, deviltry, and blasphemous sexual congress, and the beleaguered, God-fearing colonial village wants her dead. But Matthew Corbett, young clerk to the traveling magistrate summoned to Fount Royal to weigh the accusations, soon finds himself persuaded in favor of the beguiling young widow. Struck first by her beauty, Matthew believes Rachel to be too dignified, courageous, and intelligent for such obscene charges. The testimony against her is fanatical and unreliable. Clues to the crimes seem too convenient and contrived. A number of her accusers appear to gain by her execution. And, if Rachel is a witch, why hasn’t she used her powers to fly away from the gaol on the wings of a nightbird? God and Satan are indeed at war. Something really is happening in the newly established settlement—of that Corbett is certain. As his investigation draws him into the darkness of a town gone mad, and deeper into its many secrets, Corbett realizes that time is running out for him, for Rachel, and for the hope that good could possibly win out over evil in Fount Royal. From the award-winning author of Boy’s Life and Gone South, Speaks the Nightbird is, in the words of Stephen King, “a rarity in popular fiction, a book that manages to be thoughtful as well as entertaining.”

Still Sings the Nightbird

Still Sings the Nightbird
Author: Philo Ikonya
Publisher: African Books Collective
ISBN: 9956790206
Pages: 294
Year: 2013
View: 1202
Read: 550

Do we live inside the breasts of our mothers? In the mind and hearts of two women, indeed at their breasts a nation lives. The whole universe is in the lives of the people Philo writes about. They hear the song of the nightjar and it has meaning. Inside a mother's chest her daughter hangs like a silent unvenerated Pieta."Wakabi has eyes inside her breast. She sees from inside there. She knows this story well..." A country's literature is rooted in its history. But when history is full of hardship can authors create books pregnant with optimism? In Still Sings the Nightbird Philo Ikonya defies the currents of hopelessness to point her readers to a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel of nightmares. Out of the lonely cry of a nightjar, the rape of Kabi and indeed of Kenya, appears a light beaming into a brighter future.

Evil Unveiled

Evil Unveiled
Author: Robert R. McCammon
ISBN: 0743471393
Pages: 418
Year: 2003
View: 262
Read: 324

In the Carolinas of 1699, after sentencing Rachel Howarth to death by burning, Matthew, the young clerk of magistrate Isaac Woodward, embarks on his own investigation into Rachel's claims and discovers that he must conquer a powerful and evil force to free Fount Royal from a terrifying menace and exonerate a virtuous woman, in the second part of a two-part novel. Reprint.

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