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Primeros Auxilios En Lugares Remotos

Primeros Auxilios En Lugares Remotos
Author: Aaos, Alton L. Thygerson, Steven M. Thygerson
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1284042553
Pages: 352
Year: 2014-09-05
View: 571
Read: 420

Primeros Auxilios en Lugares Remotos is the Spanish Edition of the Emergency Care & Safety Institute's Wilderness First Aid course.Primeros Auxilios en Lugares Remotos, 4ª edición, proporciona información sobre cómo manejar las lesiones y enfermedades comunes cuando la atención médica está distante a una hora o más de tiempo. Diseñado para aquellos que trabajan o viajan en lugares remotos, esta guía completa le enseñará lo que debe buscar y qué hacer en caso de una emergencia, y le dirigirá hacia el tipo más adecuado de atención. Completamente revisada, la cuarta edición contiene información actualizada sobre la formación en primeros auxilios y contiene los lineamientos 2010 en reanimación cardiopulmonar (RCP) y atención cardiovascular de emergencia (ECC).El texto también incluye:* Amplia información acerca de emergencias tanto en climas cálidos como en fríos* Lineamientos actualizados para tratar emergencias por mordedura de serpientes* Nueva información sobre el manejo de emergencias en personas diabéticas* Revisiones visuales paso a paso de procedimientos descritos para fortalecer el desarrollo de habilidades (destrezas) * Diagramas de flujo que apoyan en el proceso de toma de decisiones y procedimientos adecuados* Tablas de decisión que proporcionan un breve resumen de los signos que los socorristas deben buscar y las medidas de tratamiento que deben tomar* Excepcionales fotografías e ilustraciones

Thunder & Sunshine

Thunder & Sunshine
Author: Alastair Humphreys
Publisher: Eye Books (US&CA)
ISBN: 1908646306
Pages: 350
Year: 2008-06-01
View: 687
Read: 950

Alistair Humphreys cycled around the world—a journey of 46,000 miles. This inspiring story traces the second leg of his travels—the length of South and North America, the breadth of Asia and back across Europe, crossing the mountains and salt-flats of South America, canoeing the Five-Finger Rapids of the Yukon River, and braving a Siberian Winter with only the flimsiest tent to protect him from the elements.

Kamet Conquered

Kamet Conquered
Author: Frank Smythe
Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
ISBN: 1910240613
Pages: 300
Year: 2015-07-29
View: 584
Read: 950

Frank Smythe’s fascinating book Kamet Conquered tells of his successful bid to make the first ascent of Kamet (7,756 metres) in 1931. Through Smythe, an experienced high-altitude mountaineer, the reader experiences all the tension, fatigue, discomfort and struggle of a major expedition but is also able to enjoy the sublime descriptions of nature at its wildest and most beautiful. Smythe is a keen observer of light, cloud and colour and his spiritual prose conjures up a palpable sense of the Himalaya. There is a rich sense of history within these pages; the book is very much of its time. However, the sometimes harsh colonial attitudes do not eclipse the genuine respect Smythe has for his Indian and Sherpa companions, nor what these remarkable men achieved. Through this journey, we are led from the dank, steamy foothills of the Himalaya, to its harsh and inhospitable peaks as Smythe and his team push themselves to their limits. In his own words: ‘A real appreciation of life is made up of contrasts. Civilisation cannot be properly appreciated unless you have lived in the wild ... we had sweated and we had shivered; we had experienced comfort and discomfort; we had gazed upon ugliness and beauty; we had known comradeship; we had found peace.’ A must read for any climber or alpinist, or indeed for anyone who yearns for adventure in the mountains.

Tarragona Climbs - Catalunya

Tarragona Climbs - Catalunya
Author: Pete O'Donovan
ISBN: 0956700640
Pages: 480
Year: 2017-10
View: 424
Read: 804

A second edition of the highly-acclaimed selective guidebook to the one of the finest sport climbing venues in the world - the Catalan province of Tarragona in Northeast Spain. Written in conjunction with local activist, Dani Andrada, one of the world's leading climbers, Tarragona Climbs features thousands of stunning sport-routes set amidst some of the most spectacular scenery in western Europe. The new edition features an additional 56 pages and many more sectors and routes. In particular, the coverage of world-class zones such as Siurana, Montsant and Margalef has been considerably expanded. The second edition is not simply a minor upgrade, it's a complete overhaul, with improved topos and hundreds of new crag and action photos. Additional features: Languages - English, Catalan and Castillian; detailed maps and explicit approach information for all sectors + GPS co-ordinates for key parking areas.

Bicycling Cuba: 50 Days of Detailed Rides from Havana to El Oriente

Bicycling Cuba: 50 Days of Detailed Rides from Havana to El Oriente
Author: Wally Smith, Barbara Smith
Publisher: The Countryman Press
ISBN: 1581579144
Pages: 344
Year: 2002-11-01
View: 889
Read: 762

Discover all Cuba has to offer in this complete cycling guide. Wally and Barbara Smith spent 6 months cycling 8,000 miles in Cuba to provide detailed directions for 50 days of cycling. The rides vary in length, many combining to create multi-day loops. Detailed directions describe rides leaving Havana to the west and east. Subsequent rides are clustered in the three best regions of Cuba for cycling: Pinar del Rio, Central Cuba, and the Oriente. A final section contains advice on connecting the regions for a long tour of the entire island. In addition, the authors provide information on getting to Cuba, equipment and accessories, food and water, safety considerations, overnight accommodations, and more. Exploring this fascinating country on two wheels may just be the best way to fully appreciate its history, people, and culture.

An Atlas of Obesity and Weight Control

An Atlas of Obesity and Weight Control
Author: George A. Bray
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1842140493
Pages: 136
Year: 2002-12-27
View: 570
Read: 1012

Obesity is a chronic, stigmatized disease that is increasing in prevalance. Therapeutic options are limited in their effectiveness and frustration often leads to the discontinuation of any therapy. An Atlas of Obesity and Weight Control is a clearly written, beautifully illustrated color atlas on obesity, including its etiology, development and treatment. The book contains nearly 150 clinical pictures of obesity and its related conditions, as well as many pertinent clinical guidelines and up-to-the-minute data on assessment and treatment. The main chapters cover assessment and prevalence, how obesity develops and how it becomes a health hazard, classification and clinical types of obesity, evaluation and introduction to treatment, behavior modification, diet, exercise, drug treatment and surgical treatment and provide a timely and much-needed overview of current knowledge and practice in the treatment of obesity. The volume concludes with bibliographic references and an index. Nutritionists, internists, bariatric physicians, dieticians, endocrinologists, and medical and academic professionals will find An Atlas of Obesity and Weight Control is an essential reference.

Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation

Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation
Author: Aaron Golub, Melody L. Hoffmann, Adonia E. Lugo, Gerardo F. Sandoval
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317362330
Pages: 270
Year: 2016-07-15
View: 1190
Read: 803

As bicycle commuting grows in the United States, the profile of the white, middle-class cyclist has emerged. This stereotype evolves just as investments in cycling play an increasingly important role in neighborhood transformations. However, despite stereotypes, the cycling public is actually quite diverse, with the greatest share falling into the lowest income categories. Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation demonstrates that for those with privilege, bicycling can be liberatory, a lifestyle choice, whereas for those surviving at the margins, cycling is not a choice, but an often oppressive necessity. Ignoring these "invisible" cyclists skews bicycle improvements towards those with choices. This book argues that it is vital to contextualize bicycling within a broader social justice framework if investments are to serve all street users equitably. "Bicycle justice" is an inclusionary social movement based on furthering material equity and the recognition that qualitative differences matter. This book illustrates equitable bicycle advocacy, policy and planning. In synthesizing the projects of critical cultural studies, transportation justice and planning, the book reveals the relevance of social justice to public and community-driven investments in cycling. This book will interest professionals, advocates, academics and students in the fields of transportation planning, urban planning, community development, urban geography, sociology and policy.

Moods of Future Joys

Moods of Future Joys
Author: Alastair Humphreys
ISBN: 1897312385
Pages: 200
Year: 2007-03-01
View: 701
Read: 1209

Alastair Humphreys' round the world journey of 46,000 miles was an old-fashioned adventure: long, lonely, low-budget and spontaneous. Cycling across five continents and sailing over the oceans, his ride took four years to complete, on a tiny budget of hoarded student loans. Moods of Future Joys is the story of the first remarkable stage of the expedition. Just two weeks into the ride the September 11th attacks changed everything. All Humphreys' plans went out the window and, instead of riding towards Australia, he suddenly found himself pedaling through the Middle East and Africa and on towards Cape Town. But his journey did not end there. In fact, this was only the beginning... Moods of Future Joys recounts an epic journey that succeeded through Humphreys' trust in the kindness of strangers, at a time where the interactions of our global community are more confused and troubled than ever. With a foreword by the explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Bike Art

Bike Art
Author: Kiriakos Iosifidis
Publisher: Gingko PressInc
ISBN: 1584234776
Pages: 256
Year: 2011
View: 796
Read: 1227

BIKE ART pays homage to our two-wheeled friend, presenting works created on walls, canvases, paper, pedestals, bike frames, skin and clothing by an international team of artists. In addition, the bicycle receives a complete makeover as designers compete to create the most original ride, whether re-envisioning the age-old form in its entirety or creating custom pieces for private consumption. A voyeuristic showcase of the lesser-known aspects of the culture - including festivals, performing arts and good works - rounds out this must-have volume.

The Hound of Florence

The Hound of Florence
Author: Felix Salten
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 144248750X
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-06-03
View: 658
Read: 534

It’s a dog’s life for a boy when he magically turns into a hound in this classic story from the author of Bambi. On a routine walk through the streets of his hometown of Vienna, Lucas Grassi sees an archduke’s coach. He can’t help but wish he was rich and powerful and leaving the dark city behind. And when he sees the archduke’s faithful dog running alongside, he wishes he could just be the dog and be free from his everyday life. And then his wish comes true: Lucas does become the dog. Every other day he switches from his normal body to that of the archduke’s canine companion. Soon he learns the dog is treated badly and the archduke is not a nice man. Lucas decides he’ll do anything to reverse his wish…if only he knew what to do! Felix Salten’s tale of a wish gone awry is brought back to life in this beautiful repackage.

Sustainability in the Global City

Sustainability in the Global City
Author: Cindy Isenhour, Gary McDonogh, Melissa Checker
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107076285
Pages: 426
Year: 2015-03-05
View: 971
Read: 990

This volume is a vital contribution to conversations about urban sustainability, looking beyond the propaganda to explore its consequences for everyday life.

Bicycle / Race

Bicycle / Race
Author: Adonia Lugo
ISBN: 1621067645
Pages: 192
Year: 2018
View: 222
Read: 1163

Bicycle / Race paints an unforgettable picture of Los Angeles and the United States from the perspective of two wheels. This is a book of borderlands and intersections, a cautionary tale about the dangers of putting infrastructure before culture, and a coming-of-age story about power and identity. The colonial history of southern California is interwoven through Adonia Lugo's story of growing up Chicana in Orange County, becoming a bicycle anthropologist, and co-founding Los Angeles's hallmark open streets cycling event, CicLAvia, along the way.

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