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WU WEI (Cartoné)

WU WEI (Cartoné)
Author: Henri Borel
Publisher: Obelisco Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 8497777999
Pages: 96
Year: 2012-02
View: 798
Read: 486

El universo es un vasto santuario, no encontrarás otro cobijo más seguro. ¿Por qué no quieres darte cuenta de hasta qué punto la muerte, como la vida, es un fenómeno natural? Descubrirás el sentido de la existencia si logras liberarte del deseo, vivir sin esfuerzo y sin perseguir ac¬ción alguna que esté en oposición con la naturaleza. Wu Wei es una de esas pequeñas obras maestras de la literatura espiritual que se leen y releen con emo¬ción. El protagonista dialoga con un anciano sabio, Lao-Tzu, quien le introducirá en los misterios del Tao. Ameno, sencillo y poético, este libro es particularmente revelador al plantear la concepción taoísta del arte y del amor. Su lectura revela que los hombres podrían ser verdaderamente hombres si se dejaran ir como hacen las olas del mar.

Awakening to the Tao

Awakening to the Tao
Author: Lui I-Ming
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0834823330
Pages: 128
Year: 2006-04-18
View: 151
Read: 554

The Tao is the ancient Chinese "Way" that has inspired numerous books, from The Tao of Physics to The Tao of Sex . This book might be called "The Tao of Tao." In 142 brief meditative essays, the author uses simple language and natural imagery to express the essence of the wisdom that holds the key to success in every human endeavor. Liu I-ming (b. 1737) was a Taoist adept and a scholar of Buddhism and Confucianism. He is the author of commentaries on several Taoist classics that have been published in English, including The Taoist I Ching , also translated by Thomas Cleary.

Questions to a Zen Master

Questions to a Zen Master
Author: Taisen Deshimaru
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 0140193421
Pages: 144
Year: 1991
View: 449
Read: 449

The great Japanese teacher offers practical suggestions for developing unitary mind-body consciousness through posture, breathing, and concentration and clearly explains concepts such as karma and satori.

Wu Wei

Wu Wei
Author: Henri Borel
Pages: 69
Year: 1907
View: 263
Read: 445

Laotzu's Tao and Wu Wei

Laotzu's Tao and Wu Wei
Author: Dwight Goddard
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 146557784X
View: 386
Read: 715

Open Secret

Open Secret
Author: Wei Wu Wei
Publisher: Sentient Publications
ISBN: 1591810140
Pages: 203
Year: 2004
View: 785
Read: 209

Open Secret is an essential work by the mysterious Wei Wu Wei, author of a series of Buddhist and Taoist spiritual classics. In poetry, dialogs, epigrams, and essays, he addresses our illusions concerning the mind, the self, logic, time, space, and causation. His substantive interpretation of The Heart Sutra—the epitome of Buddhist teachings—conveys the inexpressible truth of existence. Reading this jewel of a book, one enters into a heart and mind possessed of a very clear insight into the essence of understanding.

Tao of Zen

Tao of Zen
Author: Ray Grigg
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462907458
Pages: 376
Year: 2012-09-11
View: 1170
Read: 656

The premise of The Tao of Zen is that Zen is really Taoism in the disguise of Buddhism—an assumption being made by more and more Zen scholars. This is the first Zen book that links the long-noted philosophical similarities of Taoism and Zen. The author traces the evolution of Ch'an The The Tao of Zen is a fascinating book that will be read and discussed by anyone interested in both Taoism and Zen

Daoist Nei Gong

Daoist Nei Gong
Author: Damo Mitchell
Publisher: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 0857010336
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-08-15
View: 527
Read: 944

Nei Gong has been a well-kept secret within the Daoist sects of China for centuries. Based upon the original teachings of the great sage Laozi, it has only ever been taught to close students of the masters chosen as the heads of the ancient orders. This book provides a breakdown of the entire Nei Gong process, and explains in plain English the philosophy which underpins Nei Gong practice, and which is based on the original teachings of the ancient Daoist priests. The methodology of Sung breathing, an advanced meditative practice which has until now been reserved for 'inner-door' students is described, and the book contains an entire set of Qigong exercises accompanied by instructional photographs and drawings. This book will be of interest to all practitioners of Qi Gong, martial arts and meditation, and will be a rewarding read for anyone interested in Eastern philosophy.

The I Ching or Book of Changes

The I Ching or Book of Changes
Author: Hellmut Wilhelm
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400837081
Pages: 808
Year: 2011-01-02
View: 730
Read: 931

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, a common source for both Confucianist and Taoist philosophy, is one of the first efforts of the human mind to place itself within the universe. It has exerted a living influence in China for 3,000 years, and interest in it has been rapidly spreading in the West.

The Seven Sacred Seals

The Seven Sacred Seals
Author: Richard Rudd
Publisher: Gene Keys Publishing
ISBN: 0956975070
Pages: 180
Year: 2016-05-01
View: 1219
Read: 290

A mystical part of the Gene Keys teachings, the journey into the Seven Sacred Seals is a journey beyond the frontiers where most people spend their lives. It is a passage into the world of Illumination, into the fabric of light that stitches both time and space together, and that will lead us one day into immensity, into that limitless world that we call the Divine.


Author: Niccolò Ammaniti
Publisher: Canongate Books
ISBN: 1782118357
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-08-03
View: 492
Read: 520

FINANCIAL TIMES BEST BOOKS OF 2017 It is four years since the virus came, killing every adult in its path. Not long after that the electricity failed. Food and water started running out. Fires raged uncontrolled across the country. Now Anna cares for her brother alone in a house hidden in the woods, keeping him safe from 'the Outside', scavenging for food amid the packs of wild dogs that roam their ruined, blackened world. Before their mother died, she told them to love each other and never part. She told them that, when they reach adulthood, the sickness will claim them too. But she also told them that someone, somewhere, will have a cure. When the time comes, Anna knows, they must leave their world and find another. By turns luminous and tender, gripping and horrifying, Anna is a haunting parable of love and loneliness; of the stories we tell to sustain us, and the lengths we will go to in order to stay alive.

The Tao of Physics

The Tao of Physics
Author: Fritjof Capra
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 1590308352
Pages: 366
Year: 2010
View: 1105
Read: 881

Studies similarities between the concept of a harmonious universe that emerges from the theories of modern physics and the vision of a continuously interactive world conceived by Eastern mystics.

Jung for Beginners

Jung for Beginners
Author: Maggie Hyde, Michael McGuinness
Publisher: Totem Books
ISBN: 1874166056
Pages: 171
Year: 1992
View: 1296
Read: 946

INTRODUCING JUNG brilliantly explains the theories that led Jung to break away from Freud and describes his own near psychotic breakdown in mid-life, from which he emerged with radical new insights. The book shows how his investigation of patients' dreams, fantasies, and psychic disturbances led him to study the psychology of religion, alchemy, astrology, and other phenomena rejected by science.

Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life

Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life
Author: Alan Watts
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1577319222
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-02-08
View: 856
Read: 989

Alan Watts introduced millions of Western readers to Zen and other Eastern philosophies. But he is also recognized as a brilliant commentator on Judeo-Christian traditions, as well as a celebrity philosopher who exemplified the ideas — and lifestyle — of the 1960s counterculture. In this compilation of controversial lectures that Watts delivered at American universities throughout the sixties, he challenges readers to reevaluate Western culture's most hallowed constructs. Watts treads the familiar ground of interpreting Eastern traditions, but he also covers new territory, exploring the counterculture's basis in the ancient tribal and shamanic cultures of Asia, Siberia, and the Americas. In the process, he addresses some of the era's most important questions: What is the nature of reality? How does an individual's relationship to society affect this reality? Filled with Watts's playful, provocative style, the talks show the remarkable scope of a philosopher at his prime, exploring and defining the sixties counterculture as only Alan Watts could.

The Growing Edge of Gestalt Therapy

The Growing Edge of Gestalt Therapy
Author: Edward W. L. Smith
Pages: 239
Year: 1976-01-01
View: 217
Read: 483

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